• 12/13/2011 - 7:24 pm
    Allroad, S4, A8, A6, 4.2 electro-hydraulic engine mount TSB
    -Failure of engine mount will result with engine light on ( MIL ). -Many times the engine mount will be ok and you do NOT need to buy a replacment mount. There is a Resistor plug you can buy that will fix this issue( 4E0971067A PART NUMBER ). - The FIX: just unplug the connector at the engine mount and plug in the resistor plug. Make sure you ziptie the resistor plug to the wiring harness so it does not cause future issues. Then clear the fault codes from the engine computer. -This will save you A LOT of money. -Resistor plug cost $18-30 -Engine mount cost $200+. Pic of the resistor ---- ------ key words: AUDI , DTC , dtc, p1874 , p1875, p1876, n382, resistor plug harness